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Dashboard for the management of predictive analysis in manufacturing plants

Hexcell is a manufacturing consulting and data analysis company based in England. The focus of the company is to provide predictive risk analysis for the management of oil plants. We started from the need to digitize the process by which the company shared with its customers the result of complex predictive algorithms. However, the project meetings highlighted a double need, to improve the readability of the data of the predictive models on the one hand and to digitize and make the results of the predictive analysis accessible via the web to the various plant managers on the other. The goal was to put online the analysis and results by creating a cross-platform system that can be shared with multiple users. The project, which is running since 2019, has seen the software development and service design areas engaged as an outsourced team with a total of six resources allocated to development. As Innovyou we have developed a server component supporting both a Windows APP and a Web App, the latter of which has been co-developed together with the customer. The server component allows each manufacturing plant analyzed by the client to communicate with the custom-developed dashboard, returning the health status of the plant itself, thanks to complex predictive algorithms. The data, interpreted and made usable, are easily readable by the facility manager of and / or by the plant in which it is applied. In this way individual ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions can be promptly and accurately assessed and planned.

ClientHexxcellServicesDevelopment; Service DesignTechnologieselectron js; angular; python;